Ilse Nieman Paper Art

Rust-en-Vrede Gallery 16 March to 14 April 2021

This body of work explores the contemporary state of Cape Town, cut out in black and white paper, during 2019/2020. Modern daily life juxtaposed with majestic colonial buildings of a bygone era, provide a stark contrast.

Conceptually cutting these images from paper represent a state of fragility, mirrored by our daily existence (which we realised with absolute certainty during 2020). Not only our mortal life, but our lifestyles, our psychological state of mind.

Paper tears easily as it often does while I cut. The thin bits of paper barely hold it together, it can easily be broken, and the entire picture will fall apart.

As each decade and century comes and goes all that remains are these structures build centuries ago. They too, will disappear in time, as will all civilization. My work presents a fleeting glance in time.

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